I’ve got my eye on you!

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“If only we could pull out our brain and use only our eyes.”

                                                                                            Pablo Picasso

To experience the quintessence of life, unclouded by intellect – this was Picasso’s behest;  recognizing that if eyes are the window to the soul, then they are conversely the tool best served to witness the soul in others.

 All eyes were on Colette last week as the Parisian masters of perpetual haute-cool celebrated their 15th Anniversay, marking the milestone with a Craig Redman collaboration bringing the iconic Darcel Disappoints to life in a series of 150 interpretative drawings of this era’s most creative people.   Redman appeared to have taken Picasso’s note, offering up the likes of Tom Ford, Karl Lagerfeld, Miuccia Prada and Lady Gaga distilled to their very essense; brought to life with nothing more than Darcel’s distinctive eyeball and each icon’s most distinguishing characteristics.  While each Redman piece gave the team at Louis a glimpse into the soul of an icon, the exhibition spoke more to Colette’s undying commitment to bringing us the most exquisitely curated version of the world possible; all served with a playful irreverance that evades most tastemakers.

 While Louis has always been a fan of Darcel Disappoints, our eyes cannot hide the rush of love we feel for the adorable bi-ped oculus now that it is coloured with the shades of soulful chic and whimsical smarts that only Colette can bring.   With the utmost gratitude and starry-eyed appreciation, Louis would like to bid Colette a Happy Anniversary; may its cultural stewardship continue to dislocate our brain from our eyes and, in the brain’s place, entrench our heart.

“There is a road from the eye to the heart that does not go through the intellect”

                                                                                                                    Gilbert K. Chersteron


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